Databases - Your first stop for research

Research on the Star Trek Enterprise.

Even more reasons to use the Library databases:Citation: Articles, essays, and media in the Library databases often come with pre-made citations.
Subject specific: Databases have directories organized by topic. In addition, we have databases that are specific to history, science, and geography. Find exactly what you need.
Media: Databases are an excellent source for images, maps, charts and diagrams that you can use in your projects.
East Middle School Databases
EMS has AWESOME Databases! For remote access, just log in with your school username and password.


Ready Reference

Looking for online references? Go to the Ready Reference page for news sites, almanacs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauruses, & MORE.

Print and E-book Resources

Click to go to the School Dictrict 51 online catalog.

The EMS E-bookshelf. Enter the VIA login and password for EMS. If you don't remember it, ask Mrs. Johnson for a VIA bookmark!