Guidelines for Multimedia Production

Technology has dramatically changed the way in which people share ideas and information. Students now have unprecedented access to information in all its forms-text, images, sound, and video. This new access, combined with the new ease with which people can publish electronically, has added to the complexity of copyright issues. At East Middle School we are concerned about inspiring students' creativity and communication efforts while teaching our students to behave responsibly in an electronic environment.

Copyright Friendly Media Resources

EMS Media Portal
East Middle School Library Media Portal. Excellent site for the best in creative commons and free to use images, music, audio and video.
Copyright Friendly Wiki
From Joyce Valenza's Springfield Township High School - a HUGE collection of copyright friendly sites for media and more!

Learning About Creative Commons

Creative Commons Licenses Explained
If you are using IE and/or can't see the slide show, click here

About CC Licenses -
How do Creative Commons licenses work in the legal world? This page explains it all.

License Your Work
Want to license your own work? Choose a license and get the code to add the license to your creative works.

Learning About Fair Use

Copyright Confusion Wiki
Finally, copyright clarity has arrived! The Copyright Confusion wiki has great information for teachers and students to understand copyright and fair use. Links to lessons and teaching materials.

Code of Best Practices
This guide identifies five principles that represent the media literacy education community’s current consensus about acceptable practices for the fair use of copyrighted materials.